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Benefits and Uses of Colon Hydrotherapy


The benefits from colonic irrigation are many. It can improve overall health because if the colon is not functioning properly, neither will any other part of the body. The colon is the most important organ for maintaining good health.

Most health problems can be helped by colonic irrigation. It is not a cure-all therapy. Other therapies must be employed to maintain good health. However a malfunctioning colon is the greatest obstacle to good health. When other therapies are rendered, they are far from giving optimum benefit if the colon is not functioning properly.


Removal of toxins


The body has four organs of elimination, namely the bowels, kidneys, lungs and skin. The colon is the main organ of elimination of toxins from the body as it carries the bulk of the waste food matter, dead lacto-bacteria and gases produced during the digestion and absorption process. The lungs expel used gas. If the colon is not functioning properly then gases, particularly the gas “indole” is absorbed into the bloodstream. The toxic gas will be taken to the lungs for expelling in a similar fashion to which carbon dioxide is expelled. This is the cause of halitosis or bad breath. Bad teeth or gums play a very small part in halitosis. Also, if the colon is malfunctioning, the body will try and push other toxins through the skin, resulting in pimples, rashes and skin problems. The kidneys do not normally create a big problem of elimination provided the person is drinking enough water.

If toxins are not removed from the body, the whole body tends to slow down. A noticeable example is when a person’s memory starts to fail. This is to do with the colon not removing toxins efficiently and the toxins lodging in the brain interfering with the physical functioning of the brain. So the first step in removing toxins from the body is to have good bowel motions and have the colon functioning well.




One of the big problems interfering with good health in our modern society is the excess of mucus in our body. Mucus is essential for lining the gastro-intestinal tract for protection and ease of the food sliding through the tract with the peristaltic action. Mucus also lines the stomach to prevent acid eating the lining. When we get an excess of mucus, it builds up, particularly in the colon and sticks to the colon wall. The body’s pH has a bearing on this. The further away one is from a good pH balance, the more acid or alkaline one becomes, and so excess mucus together with debris or rubbish with stick to the colon wall creating mucoid plaque. This plaque impedes the absorption of water-soluble nutrients, including minerals and some vitamins. Muco-protein is carried by the blood and also gets deposited in the cell area and the same situation occurs, where the cell is unable to absorb a lot of nutrient. Colon hydrotherapy helps to clear this plaque to allow nutrients to be absorbed properly and toxins eliminated efficiently.


Increased Vitality and Energy Levels


Increased vitality and energy levels come from having colonic irrigation, for the simple reason that it is getting more toxicity out of the body and allowing nutrients to reach the body’s cells and improve the overall homoeostasis of the individual.


Constipation and Haemorrhoids


Constipation and haemorrhoids (sometimes referred to as piles) are two health issues where people may look to colon therapy for assistance. Constipation occurs when faeces get compacted and pressed together and what tends to happen is that the person does not go to the lavatory very often. Sometimes people alternate between constipation and diarrhea. Constipation occurs when faeces take too long to pass through the colon, and diarrhea occurs when the faeces do not take long enough to pass through the colon because the moisture is not being re-absorbed into the body.

Haemorrhoids are varicose veins in the anus. They can be outside the anus or inside the anus in the anal canal. They are believed to come about from straining as a result of constipation. Haemorrhoids can be helped by colonic irrigation as it relieves the pressure and allows the faecal matter to move through the colon freely and not in a harsh dragging manner. Haemorrhoids are not a contra-indication to colonic irrigation. They may be a little uncomfortable during the treatment but the benefit far outweighs the small amount of discomfort.  The colonic will relieve a great deal of pressure from the rectum to allow the haemorrhoids to reduce in size.


Colitis and Diverticulitis


Colitis and Diverticulitis both improve by the gentle method of Brunelle colon therapy. It keeps bathing the area in water and oxygen as it stimulates the peristaltic action to release and expel the compaction, which is fundamental in causing diverticuli conditions.


Digestive problems


Colon therapy eases compaction, which may be producing back pressure within the intestines, thus causing digestive problems. Colon therapy also stimulates the ancillary organs of the GI tract through the reflex points, which assists in digestive problems.




Flatulence may be caused by the transit time in the colon being too long. The gas, which comes out as flatulence, should be incorporated into the stool. If the transit time is too long, the gas is squeezed out of the stool within the colon and comes out separately. Colonic irrigation assists be removing faeces which will help empty the colon allowing space for the proceeding faeces to reduce transit time temporarily. The Brunelle method of colon therapy will stimulate the colon, hence help improve transit time.


Bad Breath


Bad breath is a result of toxic gases that are produced in a toxic colon. Indole is the most prevalent. It gets from the colon into the blood, the blood takes it to the lungs, and the lungs expel it. Colonic irrigation assists bad breath by helping to remove these toxins from the colon where they should have been expelled earlier.




There are two reasons why bloating occurs. One is yeast overgrowth or candida. The other is faecal compaction and gas. Colonic irrigation helps to remove the compaction and gas and also the candida albicans yeast.




Some headaches are caused by toxins lodging in the brain. Removing toxins from the colon allows further toxins from the cellular level to be transported to the colon to be expelled. This helps to ease the amount of toxins in the brain area. Also, some headaches can be from liver malfunction. Colonic irrigation may help the toxins from the liver to be eliminated out of the colon.


Sore throats, Colds, Hay Fever, Sinus, Eye and Ear problems


Excess mucus and toxins, which are not eliminated through the colon can be circulated through the body and may aggregate in these areas.


Skin Problems, eg Acne


Skin problems often develop because toxins are not being eliminated through the colon or kidneys. The body will endeavor to use the skin to eliminate these toxins. Colonic irrigation will remove toxins from the colon and also stimulate the kidneys, giving both organs the opportunity to eliminate more toxins and ease the burden on the skin.


Liver disorders


Through the colon’s reflex points, the liver will be stimulated. The toxins, which are thrown out by the liver, will move to the colon to be eliminated. If the colon is congested, many of these toxins will be recycled back into the liver. Colonic irrigation helps eliminate this recycling.


Period Pain


Colonic irrigation, by removing toxins, stimulating the organs and glands and helping to remove the weight in the transverse colon which may be sitting (squashing) the uterus, may be beneficial in relieving period pain.


Prostate Problems


Compacted faeces in the rectum interfere with the free function of the reflex point for the prostate. Colonic irrigation helps remove this compaction as well as the toxins which may be interfering with nutrient supply to the prostate.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


The Brunelle system of colonic irrigation with its colon therapy component helps to rejuvenate and normalize bowel functions with its own peristalsis, which also helps to reduce constipated compaction and the reactive diarrhea.




Colonic Irrigation is not the complete answer to infertility. It is not fully understood how it works in this area, but it is believed that excessive toxicity in the woman, may induce her to abort in the first weeks of conception. Also, a healthier body allows full healthy hormone production. Other modalities such as herbs for the female reproductive organs may need to be taken but these will not be as successful if the body has not had some cleansing.


Preparation for Colonoscopy, Barium Enema, Bowel Surgery etc.


The Brunelle method of colonic irrigation functions by stimulating the colon into its own peristaltic action and defecation. As the water can be agitated in various areas of the colon, particularly right around the caecum area, this method is a very good way to help empty the colon prior to any procedure involving the colon.


After Barium Enema and X-ray


Before a radiologist takes an x-ray of the colon, a barium meal enema (implant) is administered. This enables the colon to be clearly shown in the x-ray. The barium may not be fully evacuated after the x-ray, and could cause faecal impaction. The barium may set hard in the colon and be difficult to remove.

It is therefore recommended that after such a procedure, the client receives a colonic irrigation session in order to remove the barium meal and avoid a possible condition occurring.


Contra-indications for Colon Therapy


There are some conditions where colonic irrigation should not be used. One is in pregnancy. The Brunelle method may stir up toxicity, which the blood then carries to the liver and into the colon to be released. This would be contaminated blood which circulates through the body approximately every three minutes, and which would be going to the uterus and fetus. Colon therapy should be avoided when breast feeding, as the blood may transport toxins to the mother’s milk.

Another contra-indication is post-colon surgery. The colon must be allowed to heal for at least six months after surgery before colonic irrigation can proceed.

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